You may have seen this article from Forbes or this one from The Telegraph. They are both about Alexander Adamescu and his dad, Dan Adamescu, and their legal battles with the Romanian authorities.They are paid by a lobby firm, Amsterdam & Partners LLP, working to defend the reputation of both Adamescu. Why would they need that? Well, […]

Our greatest minds are busy…

There is a great sequence in a movie, i forgot the name: our greatest minds are busy creating sophisticated banking products. Kinda true. Our greatest minds are busy creating more smartphones, more cameras, more action cameras, more useless pills, more stuff. More wealth. Not more good for the human kind, more wealth for themselves and […]

We want change, but not really

People are somewhat surprised that the presidential candidate with most votes, Hillary Clinton, will not be president. 2 million votes more and the loser of the elections will be president, because of the electoral votes and all that. They forgot the same thing happened in 2000, when Al Gore lost to George Bush. Gore had more votes, […]

One of the complaints I hear a lot in the Romanian tech scene is the lack of support from the press and the blogosphere for the startups, being sites, apps and businesses. I have a few ideas about this, having the most popular Romanian blog, read by journalists, businessmen and other people: the startup/person pitching is shady […]

I’ve moved my blog to https a few weeks back and one of the first effects was the total loss of refferal traffic to people i link. Total. After some reading, i found out it was a common problem, but i also found a solution. And it’s a simple one: just put this in the […]

I put my computer in sleep mode instead of shutting it off. It starts faster, it shuts faster. But sometimes when i wake it up, the audio has hickups as in noises and interruptions. The solution is to stop the two services handling audio (yes, Windows has two services handling audio, cause fuck logic) and […]

Brainient, a Romanian startup based in London, was sold today by investors to Teads, a much bigger company in the video ads business, TechCrunch reports. Let’s talk about Emi Gal, Brainient CEO, and what the Techcrunch story does not say: The deal is worth about 15 million dollars and was pushed by the investors, who […]

Inspired by Budget Savy’s Traveler trip to Brasov, i have decided to write a small guide to the city. First thing is first: every other Romanian under 40 speaks good English, and every 1 in 5 over 40 speaks german. If you need directions, just ask, most of the times people are happy to help and […]

They were in Brașov last week and loved the city. They had some rain and some problems with the buses, but overall were spot on the city. Their four videos on Brașov are listed below and their trip to Romania is ongoing, so watch the channel: Ep. 45: Why is THIS famous again? Rope Street, […]

The old blogging lessons still stand

I was cleaning my bookmarks and found a folder with saved articles from when i started blogging. Most of them are still valid after 10 years and a lot of changes in this medium. Top 10 mistakes bloggers make, june 2007 Buzz kill, 2010 What are you doing at 3am, march 2007 5 elements of […]