kind people

The fun part about living in a half-immigrant neighborhood in Berlin is that you don’t have to speak German. People understand you and they treat you nice, maybe just because they remember the time they come to this country and didn’t speak the language. And the Germans are nice, they probably got used to it. […]

I’m known

Yesterday, I was at Nordsee, near Alexanderplatz. I like Nordsee, they cook the fish in a great way. So, while I was eating with my girl and a colleague from MediaPro Interactiv, a girl comes up to me and says in Romanian: “You’re Zoso, right?” 2.000km from home, a Romanian tourist recognized me. Turns out […]

so quiet here

It’s so weird, coming from Bucharest to Berlin. Here is so quiet and peaceful, and there it was like a war zone. I still am not used tot it. But it will grow on me and i will look strange at people when i will get back to Romania. Here is a picture from my […]


– einz und funfzin – sorry, ich farstein nicht (i learned how to say “i don’t understand” in german, at least) – oh! where are you from? – romania! – and speak english? – english, french, italian… – parlez vous francais? – mais oui. vous etes francais? – oui. – combien ans vous etes ici? […]

almost fell for it

So, first step into the moving is looking for a place to rent. Picked up craiglist and started digging through the ads. I was looking for something around 500€ per month. I found an ad that seemed ok. Contacted the person by mail, Soniko Thomas (sounds like a german name, right?) and found out the […]


Getting ready for some changes, so i am preparing my dot com blog. Hi, i am Vali, a 20-something webguy from Romania!