Hello, my name is Vali PETCU, I am a 30-something dude making a living as a blogger.

For the last 10 years I have been writing one of the most visited blogs in Romania, zoso.ro. I am also involved in several other small niche blogs and I also work as a consultant for various  projects and companies (telecom, FMGC, publishing, investment funds).

I deal in web strategy, guerrilla marketing, content creation and journalism.

I have a background in journalism, having worked for the most prestigious news agency in Romania for two years (2002), desktop publishing (one year in an advertising agency), project management and strategy (two years the biggest online publisher in Romania, 2006-2008). From 2008 i am a fulltime blogger and freelancer. I have been online since 1999.

I was born and raised in Bucharest, but now I live in Brasov (170 km from Bucharest). You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

My email address is blog@valipetcu.ro.


Note: this is not my attempt to crack into the English blog market, but a mere try to let my non-Romanian speaking relatives, friends and acquaintances know what I am thinking.