So, first step into the moving is looking for a place to rent. Picked up craiglist and started digging through the ads. I was looking for something around 500€ per month.

I found an ad that seemed ok. Contacted the person by mail, Soniko Thomas (sounds like a german name, right?) and found out the details. He was working abroad. OK. How do we do it? Send me the first month, he said, and I will send you the keys and documents after. Ok, send me the details. They are below

Recievers Name: Mr Soniko Thomas
Adress:245 Victoria Island
Zip code:23401

Hmm. Nigeria? Not good. Did I say I am from Romania? I know all about “send me the money first“, we and the russians invented it, but the nigerians got caught with it.

I decided to wait a couple of hours. He sent me his phone number (+2348074998117). I called him and he did not have an german accent, but rather a nigerian one. I faked a bad connection and hung up. After a couple hours, he sent me the payment details again. I didn;t answer. Then he started calling me. 20 times. I didn’t answer until the 21st time. I was polite and i said i wanted the keys first. He said no and i explained to him i know what a nigerian scam was. He said ok and i hung up. Then he called me again. And again…and again…until I closed my phone.

He will call me again, trying to convince me he is a good citizen and i should send him the 500€.