We all laugh at how weird and stupid Zuckerberg acts, from his robotic moves to his weird water drinking. One thing we are all forgetting: this guy hasn’t had a normal life. At 19, he started a million dollar company, took several tens of millions of dollars as investments and build a billion dollar company. […]

Influencers beg Facebook for money

Nice piece in NYTimes about how Facebook does not share revenue with people putting up (come create, some steal it from Youtube) engaging content on their platform. IT attracts views, it does not make any money. I like it how influencers love this platform, because it has much more people on it than YouTube, but […]

Twitter is sorta desperate…

I have about 5 twitter accounts i dont log into. Some were created just for fun, some were for trolling. And for the past two weeks Twitter is sending me 1 email a day to make me log into one of them (the one with most followers). I havent log into that acount for 4-5 […]

I’ve been using Panda Antivirus on one of my computers before i switched to Bitdefender. I even have a PRO subscription. A few days ago I reinstalled an old image of my OS and I noticed my CSGO slowing down. Installed MultiMon and noticed that, even if i turn it off, PAV keeps scanning the […]

New german law in progress, and a TC editor is confused: One obvious question here is how any fines could be applied across international borders if a social media firm has no bricks-and-mortar presence in Germany, though. The law does also require social media firms operating in Germany to appoint a contact person in the country. […]

In the last few days i’ve encountered multiple foreign drivers on our roads. Not just caravans, not just people driving their RV, but regular people renting a car to go places. And most of these drivers dont bother to catch up or never found a set of rules and guidance on how to drive on […]

The problem with freelancing…

…is that u constantly need to write about how good you are at things. Someone launched smth? Yea, it’s nice, i could have done it better! That thing?! Yea, great, but i got this idea that would make it better. All day, all the time, conferences, networking, brag about how good you are. Because usually […]

I took a long trip (3.500km) and i relied on Sygic to help me navigate thru cities, villages and highways in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. Althought it’s a great tool, Sygic lacks basic functionalities and understanding on what a GPS app should be. First off, i am going to say that Sygic keeps […]

On December 11 2016, Romania had parliamentary elections. Our political system works like this: the party with most elect senators and deputats propose someone to be the Prime Minister to the President, who says yes or no. If it’s a yes, that person forms the Cabinet and starts ruling. So, PSD (Social Democrat Party) won 45%, they enlisted […]