I got some links with German bloggers linking to this post of mine about “Blogging in Germany and America”. I needed a translator to understand they agreed with me that the conference was not so nice.

I got a feeling I was back home in Romania when i heard the guys on the stage saying the german companies do not trust and invest in bloggers. Wait, is this Germany, one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of tech and civilization? That is what i thought so far. That things are more open and more interesting here, in terms of technology. But i did not expect 30-something men complaining about the companies that do no invest in blogs.

In Romania, i make a decent salary blogging. It did take me 3 years to get here (i have been blogging since 2005), but things are more relaxed and more fun now. The media pays attention (even if the are still used to steal from us) and the advertisers do also, because it’s in their best interest.