I have an account on LinkedIn. I find it useful into tracking my old colleagues and friends.

Two days ago I got one on facebook, because it said I cannot access a user profile if I didn’t have an account. I signed up and…I still couldn’t see the profile, because I need to be friends with that person. Usability fail. Anyway, some people found me and added me as a friend, so I got mails with their requests. I got pulled back in into facebook. And I stuck around for a couple minutes. Way too much noise. The wall, the side notes, the tracking of people. Way too lazy for everything.

I think the internet has become a busy intersection. You want to get stuff done, read some news, check your email, see some gadgets or naked ladies, but you cannot move because of all the noise. Facebook, Twitter, SecondLife, FriendFeed and others I don’t know about…Lot of noise. Not getting much done and not advancing in technology, all because of the noise. Latest dumb thing? Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on my mobile. Because all I really wanted to do is watch those beautiful girls on a little screen.