I like WLW. It’s among the few Microsoft products I really enjoy using (along with windows xp and movie maker).

Recently, they’ve updated it. And not in a good way. I remember the times Microsoft office started. It was basic and easy to use. Now it resembles adobe acrobat reader, full of features and a XXX megabytes install kit. WLW is turning into that. Not improved, but bloated.

For the Writer team, here is a list of what I want in the next update of wlw:

  • to be able to write tags without extra clicks. I don;t want to press F2 every time I want to use tags for my 5 blogs
  • not to have that ugly theme. the versions before had the possibility to choose colors. now, I choose and it does nothing.
  • more items in the “drafts” and “recently posted” section.

And some pie. And a solo installer.