When you disrupt dishonest businesses, you expect to read a lot of dirt about yourself. That includes that your traffic is not what you say it is, that you blackmail people, that you lie for a living. I am used to this, because i hear it every day, from different people.

Bogdan Gavrila is such a person. His dishonest business got disrupted. He got angry. He got fired. Now he tries to get a new business started. He isn’t doing so good. Who’s to blame? ME! So he wrote a long post saying that I lie, cheat and blackmail people. Proof? Oh, no. Repeating the words “liar” and “blackmailer” is enough for him.

I am glad somehow. Being able to provoke such powerful reaction means i hurt him and his shady business (did a mention that, as head of Intact Interactive, a local interactive agency, he paid one of his personal sites 35.000€ out of a 100.000€ guaranteed contract, even if he sold only 5.000€ worth of advertising on it?).

I am not the truth holder. I am just a blogger. If you want to invest in Romanian internet or just want to know what’s going on, i recommend asking Vivi (Octavian Costache, works at Google), Dragoş Novac (has it’s own company and people outside Romania have heard of him and his partner, Alexandre Almajeanu), Alex Visa (used to work for Traceics Canada), Lucian Despoiu ( owns a Digital Agency), Alex Brie (webdeveloper, works for a French company), Dan Berte ( free spirit and idea man), Marius Pahomi (works for a MediaEdge:CIA), Vlad Stan (angel investor in several projects), Antonio Eram (has a micropayment service), Sergiu Biris (owns the local YouTube, with Alexis Bonte), Cristian Manafu (event organizer) and Bobby Voicu (blogger, used to work for Yahoo, now has his own startup). I don’t agree with some of them, but they have a good reputation, as opposite to people like Claudiu Gamulescu (well-known spammer, has speaking gigs in East-European conferences) Bogdan Gavrila, Magda Zander, Cristi Petriceanu (believe it or not, this guy head IAB Romania, and we headed a ad-selling company that has a 2-million euro debt to publishers) and people like them. They will give you a fair view of what is going on in this little corner of the web.

I know, I should write more often in english about what’s going on in .ro