If LeWeb was sponsored by the French Parliament, organised by a student groupt nobody ever heard of and announced five weeks before it happened would any respectable French blogger attend?

What if, 2 weeks before the presidential elections, Mr. Sarkozy would give a political speech? Would they come?

What if behind the event was a blogger nobody likes, because he is a real sleaze and untrusted person? What if you would try to fight a spam site and he would call you a member of the Securitate, would you attend? What if you found out that he stole the content of one of your sites and when to mention the source, he would play it dumb, would you come?

Would any of your American friends come? (i guess we found the answer to that one when the only important person on that list was you)

So, please, don’t judge.

That’s some of the reasons not one respectable Romanian professional blogger attended the event.