So, last night we were out drinking. Some German guys, some French guys and me, the Romanian kid. We go to some German place to eat, we eat and then we go to a bar.

We have some drinks and then Pascal sees the cute geek-looking German girl sitting at the bar. So he says something about an ad he sees in her magazine. She gives him the “fuck off” look and goes back to his reading. Pascal does not quit, gives her another compliment and the girl slaps him with the magazine. The bartender comes around asking if there is a problem and some cunt also steps up thinking that he may be of help to the poor girl. I am telling them in English that we are from other town, while Pascal is startled, because he does not understand what he did wrong. So we buy the girl a coffee and fuck off to our beers.

Half an hour later we are at another bar, where a live band is playing some balkan Bregovici sort of music. One girl just grabs Stefan by the hand, saying she knows him, although it’s her first time in Berlin. Pascal is dancing with three brunettes, i am schmoozing a blond with short hair and nice boobs. She does not speak anything but Russian and German. So we are dancing and having a good time. The girl is all over Stefan, Pascal is making the girls laugh and my blonde is sweating heavily. by now we’re drinking vodka and looking for something else to do.

This is where the movie ended for me. I woke up at my hotel a couple hours ago.