So, i bought a Creative Vado HD camcorder a few days ago.

I wasn’t expecting much, because I paid for it under 200€. But the thing is great. Very light, shoots 2 hours of 720p video footage, charges from USB.

Yes, the Sony TG3 i initially wanted had more features (stabilizer, 1080p, changeable storage, face recognition), but it had 2 major flaws: weighted 500g and costs 550€. If the price was not a problem, the idea of carrying a bulgy thing in my coat was not appealing. And it only could record 1 hour of footage. 

I am not badmouthing Sony, but sometimes people look for the cheap and light version of a performing product. Enter pocket camcorders, pocket cameras, camera phones and such.

Here is a sample of what the Vado HD can do.