Let’s perform a thought experiment. By the end of 2010, there will be more than 100 million iPhone OS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad). You’re the webmeister at an important content site. The boss comes in and asks you why you’re not supporting the iPhone OS devices. ‘Our stuff is all Flash-based, chief, those guys don’t run Flash’. You’re about to become the ex-webmeister. The boss, a really patient sort, asks you to “think different” about all these “non-compliant” customers, each of whom has an iTunes account backed by a credit card, and has developed the habit (encouraged by Apple) of paying for content. So, one more time, with feeling: What’s your answer?

from mondaynote. I don’t use Apple products, but i start to understand the mentality. And maybe Microsoft should start a partnership with Intel and a few more and start delivering hardware and software products in the same case. You know, those kind of products that are design for the hardware they run on and are working so good the Blue Screen of Death will be a distant memory.