I’ve read two articles in the last weeks asking the question if blogs are on their way out. They are not. But it’s getting harder for the new blog reader to find good blogs to read. The blogosphere got crowded in the last two years with a lot of so-called experts, people with unclear expertise and nothing to show for, but giving advice as if the they know what they are talking about. In most cases they don’t and their advice is just something they read on other blogs or in books.

The easiest example: bloggers giving advice as probloggers. Here, you need to do that, you need to use these plugins, you need to submit your article on twitter and facebook. That is nice. How much traffic have you gathered? Only 300 per day? Hmmm. How many times have other blogs quoted you? Just your friends, huh? How many times have you been featured in the newspapers? Never? Well, sit down and stop it.

This is the beauty of the web. Anybody can be an expert. Even if you are a beat-down programmer working for a Temeşvar company, on the web you can be a famed entrepreneur, giving advice to others on how to make just as much money as you do (even if you don’t make more than 1.000€ a month). Nobody will know.

Yes, people get tired of these kind of blogs.