I consider Dragoş Novac a guy I can learn a lot from, even though he is stubborn and antisocial, two qualities i hold dear. To my disappointment with the Romanian online industry, he told me life has a lot of grey and wisdom comes with age.

Maybe i am too young, but i consider respect and honor to be the two great qualities any person must hold. That is why i fail to understand people who work for spammers and thieves or why they tolerate Kathy Sierra-like type of comments (one of my former friends even said i should get used to these kind of really really aggressive comments talking about violence towards me and my family, because his blog is a free space). There is no gray, you know your empleyers are spammers, what is there to debate?

Yea, life has a lot of grey.

To those arriving here for the first time from blogs saying this is my new project…get over yourself, this blog is 4 years old.