1. As a foreigner, you are vulnerable. People may be trying to take advantage of you, including policemen. This may not happen at all… but give yourself a pleasant surprise. This, of course, is not a legal restriction.

  2. You are allowed to drink alcohol in public – in organized spaces like restaurants. All places selling alcohol are required by law to provide toilets. You are NOT allowed to drink in public except in these places.

  3. Street walkers have absolute priority on marked street crossings without semaphores. You will not find ‘manual’ semaphores, when walking just wait for the green light.

  4. If cycling you are required by law to use the bike path, although most are not usable (at least in Bucharest). Bike paths on sidewalks are shared with walkers, so avoid these streets altogether. If none is present, you are required to share the road, no sidewalk biking whatsoever. Note that drivers may not be aware of cyclist rights; also there are few cyclists, so you want to be VERY visible.

  5. There are hours where you are not allowed to make loud noise in your home (I’m not sure what those are, ask your landlord. Something like 22:00 – 6:00 and 14:00 – 18:00.

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