We, some old bloggers, are having quite a laugh there days with a niche blogger that writes about medium and expensive products on his blog, ignoring that his audience is low and medium income. Five minutes on his blog and twitter account reveals that people love his clean brand and image, but do not have the money to buy what he is writing about. The people that do and have bought the products laugh at his writings.

So, what to do when you are in this situation? Try to write better? Try to find cheaper products? No. Sell cheaper. About five times cheaper than normal. I laughed. A smart blogger would try to change his style and work harder. A dumb one just works on his brand a little more.


People ask me how I managed to stay on top of the Romanian blogosphere as long as I did and still do. I answer work and good product. I don’t have a personal brand, I just have a strong, loyal and smart readership. New bloggers are too hungry and too foolish, they jump to fast at the money, sometimes even before they grow enough to have a readership.