One o the things we Romanian lack is the spirit of criticism. In the communist era it was forbidden to criticize, at first the leader and then everybody. University professors were not allowed to express any opinion abut their colleagues academic papers. Factory workers were not allowed to criticize other workers. Firings were rare and made only in extreme cases.

That is why the Romanian business peisage is filled with impostors. Romanians are not used to evaluate somebody’s work out loud. That politician did a lousy job? No. All politicians do lousy jobs. That businessman does not know what he talks about, that is why all his businesses have gone bankrupt? No. That businessman has a different point of view.

Do not expose anybody! Maybe sometimes he and you will do business together, why mess up a relationship?

I got an email a couple of years ago from a person asking me to write a telecom operator cursed at him. You have a recording? No. You have his name? No. OK, give me your name. Never heard from him again.