The launch date for iPhone 5S is approaching fast. It could be April, it could be June. Rumors are flying. Here is what I would do:

iPhone 5S mini – the cheaper iPhone everyone is expecting from Apple for the developing countries marketshare war against Android. Comes with a 3.5 inch screen, in blue, pink or grey. Experts notice it’s a iPhone 4S rebranded and explain that the colors are needed to tell apart the cheap iPhone from the normal one. Costs 350$.

iPhone 5S – the features everyone expects. Don’t know what they are, I am buying a gray iPhone 5S mini. The fans and buyers are pleased with the color difference and feel smug about their ability to buy the full-size version.

iPhone 5S max – is 3mm thicker than the regular iPhone 5S, due to the 2300 mAh battery. Heavy users can now shut up about it. Comes only in 32Gb version and costs 800$.