Last night, my iPad2 went to sleep. I plugged it in and it kept restarting when it got enough power. And restarting. And restarting.

I pressed Home and Power to enter Recovery Mode and try to restore it via iTunes. But during the recovery, it presented the error below. And restarted and showed the Recovery Mode screen.

After digging and using Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze, Tinyumbrella and other apps I would not normally use (because I don’t need to jailbreak my iDevices) with no result, I almost gave up. On page 3 on some random search, someone was asking on a forum if isn’t there an app that blocks iTunes from connecting to the internet, like a firewall.

Checked my hosts file, checked my firewall and stopped Panda Antivirus. And it worked. iTunes started the recovery and after ten minutes my iPad was working again.