Got really bored and decided to reinstall my Windows7 on my HP Probook notebook. Fairly an easy operation, half an hour to install Windows, half an hour to install all other software and tweak it the way I like it.

And while doing it I realized Windows is a piece of crap OS. It really is.

Drivers, first of all. How many video card producers are there? How many network card producers? Sound card producers? Is is so hard to include the basic drivers in the windows install kit? And the push them through Windows Update? Geez, I have to have every driver handy, like five years ago. Include a motherfucking wireless card driver, so I can connect to my wifi and the download everything! Is is so hard?

Space. Windows eats up space like crazy. 8Gb on install, has over 16Gb now. 4 different Framework installation, 8 gigs in a winsxs directory I suspect there are drivers in, all kinds of bloatware I uninstall and it remains on my SSD and more.

And why does every fucking software needs to validate the install? What, I have a invalid installation? WTF?

Libraries. Don’t need them, never used them, why can’t I delete them forever? Save something? Why not save to the motherfucking libraries I specified in the registry I want it disabled?

Services? Really? Tens of services just residing on my system, waiting for a command. Printer Spooler? Don’t have a printer. Server? Nope! Workstation? WTF? Five services to handle a network connection? Two serviced to handle audio playing? Three services to handle Windows Update?

Video card. I got a notebook with a dedicated video card. And dumbass Windows thinks like this: oh, you got a better video card, why not play every fucking HD video with the on board card?! Cause that seems the logic thing to to, since you have the notebook plugged in and set to maximum performance! Can I disable the on board video card? No! Can I set the default video card? Yea, but no really, Windows is gonna check every fking time what video card to use, cause…fuck you!

How about not including every DLL in the world and let the software makers include them in their installation. Wanna run Sony Vegas? Better bring your own DLL-s, motherfucker, cause we’re not giving away any! No more bloatware! Windows Framework? Would uninstall that shit the second Live Writer works without it!

Oh, yea. What is everybody using these days forever much? Javascript? No, bro, we can’t handle that, gotta get your CPU up to 100% to render a webpage!