Russia invaded, sort of, Crimea. A peninsula it belonged to so many empires nobody ever owned it. The reason for this is Sevastopol, a city Russia has stationed a large portion of it’s naval army. They were not gonna let the new Ukraine government to take over that.

So they just moved in.

Problems ensured for everybody.

  • US and EU have no grounds to join the conflict, Ukraine is not a member of the European Union or NATO or something else. Letting Russia invade a country is a sign of weakness.
  • Russia cannot back down. They have a reputation to uphold. They also have aging military equipment, but nobody know for sure how and what. If they back down, they show weakness and lack of leadership.
  • Ukraine is a mix of ethnicities and opinions. A part is pro-russian, a part is pro-west.

Economic sanctions do not work, as Russia is a poor country. And lessons in democracy from Germany and France are not needed, as these countries are less dependent on Russian gas.