XenForo is a forum software created by former VBulletin developers. If you have used Vbulletin 3.x and then upgraded to 4.x you know why there are a fair share of 3.x forums out there. XenForo is simple and better and is not trying to be more than a forum, as Vb does.

Recently I’ve moved a forum from BBpress, which sucks but had WordPress integration, to phpBB. And wow, after 10 years of being a bad forum software, phpBB still is the same bad software I ran away then. Valentin recommended XenForo and I am pleased so far. It imported from phpBB easily and 140$ a year is not so much when you are trying to build a community.

One thing: the PostReplace addon available did not work for me, so I used the commands below to replace the video tags from the old phpBB:


UPDATE `xf_post` SET `message` = replace(message, ‘[MEDIA=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/supported_browsers?next_url=%2F’, ‘[MEDIA=youtube]’);

UPDATE `xf_post` SET `message` = replace(message, ‘[/video]‘, ‘[/media]’);

Pastebin link here.