I don’t use at all Yelp or TripAdvisor or Swarm or whatever location app is popular right now. I read at one point reviews of bulgarian hotels on Booking.com, but quit after figuring out maids steal only in cheap hotels and only from people carrying their entire jewelery collection with them on vacation.

Two weeks ago i took a family trip to Sibiu (100km from Brașov). Saw the Christmas lights, the kids rode the electric cars, ate coton candy, had fun. At lunch, we stopped at “The Gallery“, where we had stopped before. Had a steak, some mashed potatoes, some drinks and drove home. Other than not bringing the steak knife for the steak (a romanian waiter habbit, i think), nothing unusual.

And I saw this link today. “Worst service ever”, “terrible food”, “rude waitress” and more. I double checked. It’s the same restraurant.

I am aware that some people have bad experiences. Maybe the waiter had a bad day, maybe the cook kept the steak for two more minutes, but there are too many negative reviews to not suspect that only people who want to complain write these reviews and the people who have a good time go about their lives.