I am an organised individual: I like to keep my house, my computer, my tool shed, my yard in order.

My inbox has now 12 emails, all read, some of the in progress, some of them not needing answering. I get about 100 emails a day. Half subscriptions or automated ones. The rest human emails. It’s not a lot. 50 mails a day is acceptable, as a number. The problem is with the content of those emails.

Out of those 50, around 20 are about me helping somebody for free to make money. That’s not a problem either. People try. The problem is that the rest are not about me making money. Not one. Those type of emails are maybe 3 a week. Or 5, if i am lucky.

And, after a while, i get tired to get asked for ways to make other people money, while the emails proposing me work for money are to be expected. Yes, i could help while i wait, but historically that is not a good plan, helping for free people who do not specify a backend or something else up front is a waste of time.

It’s harsh, but it’s life.