Both democratic candidates for the US presidential elections have a socialist discourse. The republicans, on the other hand despise socialism and badmouth it without even trying to reason.

The problem is not socialism, it’s capitalism, or what we call in Europe “ruthless capitalism”. This sort of “winner take all system” that has been praised in the US is faulted. People are out of work, they live at home with their parents, have huge student debts for a useless diploma and are living paycheck to paycheck. The 20% that are fine, for now, are…fine. They are the kids who started internet companies, have rich parents or paying jobs love capitalism. They read stuff like this, feel bad for about a minute and then move on. Those who live that shit can’t. The can’t stand anymore capitalism. They want the jobs back from China, they want more than 800$ a week.

That is why a socialist speech sounds good.