Everybody and their dog are yapping now about the 300,000 reservations for Tesla Model3. At 1,000$ a pop, the company has now 300 million dollars. Let’s not think anyboy will retire their reservation, but look at another set of numbers.

  • 2009 – the president of Nissan said the Leaf development excedeed 500 million
  • 2015 – BMW spent 4 billion to establish their iBMW brand
  • 2015 – VW spent 1.2 billion to develop the new Golf.

This from car companies, with a lot more resources and man-power than Tesla. So, now that we put that 300 million into perspective, it doesn’t look so might, does it?! Tesla probabil will spend ten times more developing the Model3, plus the battery factory, plus actually constructing the car, and the Superchargers. It has to spend double than 10 times, because it cannot afford to make any mistakes. If one Model3 breaks in the first 3 months of ownership, that news will travel faster than anything and consumers will take notice quickly, choosing to buy yet another gas car, “because electric cars break”.