Romania is sort of the land of the free and the brave. Lack of rules and enforcing makes it very easy for companies to create content. ProTV, for example, a TV station with 1 milion profit per year, cant find the resources to pay for content. They rather steal it from the internet, because there are no consequences. No quotation, no permission asked, just blunt stealing. For their website, for their TV station.

So, i took to LinkedIn to ask Aleksandras Česnavičius, the head of ProTV, to stop it. First message, on Octomber 7, was unanswered. He read it, but no answer. Second message, last night, read and then blocked me.

I am not delusional to think they would start paying for content, as western stations do (CME is owned by Time Warner), but at least quote the source. With an active link. Give the content creator some link love.

Nope, not even that.