In the last few days i’ve encountered multiple foreign drivers on our roads. Not just caravans, not just people driving their RV, but regular people renting a car to go places. And most of these drivers dont bother to catch up or never found a set of rules and guidance on how to drive on romanian roads.

So here it is:

  1. keep right. this means that if your GPS tells you you have to make a left in 2 or 5 kilometers, dont post yourself on the left lane and drive 50. you will have plenty of time to get on the right lane. this applies to city streets also.
  2. if you plan to change course, first signal and the make sure its safe to change lane or direction. most accidents happen because people signal too late.
  3. if you leave your car outsider of a clear marked parking (P sign or lines on the sidewalk), make sure you leave a phone number in your windshield.
  4. beware of cars with italian or spanish license plates, they dont know how to drive properly.
  5. bmw drivers are usually dumb and agressive in their driving, also most SUV drivers.
  6. if you hear a honk behind you, you are doing something wrong.

See how easy it is?