I took a long trip (3.500km) and i relied on Sygic to help me navigate thru cities, villages and highways in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. Althought it’s a great tool, Sygic lacks basic functionalities and understanding on what a GPS app should be.

First off, i am going to say that Sygic keeps emailing me about buying the full version of “Europe”, because they can’t see that i have it already. Talked to them via twitter, nothing.

So, problems:

  1. on a 12km trip from a village to another village, Sygic made it 18km, diverting me to the highway, from one exit to another, 9km, instead of guiding me across two villages.
  2. in Târgu Mureș, there is a road that avoids the city, but it’s full of villages with 50km/h limit and a lot of tight corners. everybody, and i do mean everybody, ignores this and goes on the normal route.
  3. on the above route, even after ignoring 2 times what route Sygic wanted me to take, he kept trying to make me to turn back. Waze, on the other hand, after missing the exit 2 times, gets the point.
  4. entering Debrecen, he directed me into a residential area with 30km/h speed limit, instead of following the usual route, with 50 or 70 speed limit.
  5. if one street is closed and i try to take another street, Sygic does not care. he will keep trying to guide me to take the street no matter what.