You know when a Facebook exec told a room full of journalists that Mark Zuckerberg is not a big fan of the press and it does not care for it? This recent year, with Facebook scandal after scandal really made us understand why Zuck hates the press: scandal after scandal, stupid move after stupid move, while the press enjoys every bit of it.

This latest one is really fun: employees know their phones are being monitored and are using burner phones to talk to each other.

Nobody is making any predictions, but everyone kinda knows this is the last year Mark Zuckerberg will see at Facebook. He will retire rich, he will be bitter for a couple years and then will come back admitting to making stupid mistakes “under the pressure of the board to make more money” and will launch a new startup that does something and people will look at him with pity, cause the poor man was ousted from his own company, forgetting the monster he created and the lies he told so casually. Gates needs a golf buddy, Zuck, dont make him wait too long!

Dont ignore or underestimate the media. Buzzfeed, of all people, to report such stories!