You may have heard Tumblr will ban pornographic content starting December 17th. You may think it’s because of Apple’s removal of the app from the App Store, but that is just an excuse. I think Tumblr was looking for a way to tell users that post pr0n to leave, but it did not know how and now it has an excuse.

And the reason it’s so simple: Tumblr can’t make money with the pr0n it has. It’s not Tumblr’s pr0n, it’s not it’s uploaders pr0n, it’s stolen pr0n. And legitimate companies can’t show ads next to pr0n, at least not the way it shows on P0rnhub or other pornographic sites. Right now, the pr0n on Tumblr is just consuming bandwith.

On a bigger picture, Tumblr was just an 1.1 billion scam some VC’s ran on Yahoo.