A weird thing happened a few months back: a developer deleted an extension i was using from the Chrome Webstore because he broke up with his girlfriend. Yes, that was a reason.

So that made me think i wanted an extension that will include some of the functionalities i use every day that will not dissaper under stupid reasons. I wanted to be the one with the idea and give it to a developer to do it. I wanted to pay even. After a few unsuccessful attempts, Dorin stepped up and did it (chrome store link).

So, what does it do?

  1. joins multiple windows into one. if you have tabs opened into multiple windows, clicking the icon will join them into one window.
  2. joins duplicate links. if you click on a link and a tab with that link is already opened, it joins the two tabs.
  3. removes URL junk. all that UTM bullshit and more. can add new parameters to clean. more details here.
  4. opens selected links into tabs.
  5. opens all linked images from current page (supports gfycat also).
  6. centers opened image on a configurable background. good for wide monitors.

It’s simple, but it works.