For more than two months, Facebook has begun to penalize business pages that have negative reviews. And because there are not yet any articles written in English (from where our local social media experts can translate from), I suspect they have begun to apply it only in a few countries, not globally.

And it’s a three-step process.

First, Facebook asks those who clicked an advertisement to leave a review. If too many negative reviews are published, at first Facebook increases the cost for the ads published by that page and decreases reach for that same ad/page. I saw pages that had their advertising costs double from one month to another, while the reach dropped to 30%, as opposed to last month. Step 3 is banning the specified page to create ads, if their score drops beyound 2.

I think they’re doing this because there are already too many businesses selling fakes, on the other hand it creates the opportunity for one to really hurt the competition’s page if you have some free hours.

And at the same time i saw pages with positive reviews have their reach doubled on ads with no fee increase.