Subaru has a hit on their hands with the Crosstrek (it’s called XV in Europe). I have one. 150HP NA engine. It’s decent, but more power won’t hurt. Customers asked Subaru for a powerful Crosstrek.

So Subaru had a choice between a 2.5 185HP engine and a 2.4 260HP engine. They went with the 2.5, because yea. Dont give us a fun crossover with a powerful engine, give us a 2.5 (în Europe it’s taxed 8 times higher than a 2.0 liter and 6 times higher than a 2.4) with just 35 more horsepower.

So sad. A 260HP Crosstrek would be so much fun. Lowering a little bit, from 21cm to 17 or 18 and smoke everything on the road. But no. I got no reason to upgrade. Really, i dont. No autohold, no sizeable power increase. The Passat and the Superb have 200HP. Shit 4×4, but more power. The Sj Forester, with 240Hp, is a lovely option.