There are 2 major problems with what Mr. Arrington is saying here.

It sucks when the news gets out at the same time. 20 major blogs, the same news, nothing news. I like techcrunch for the news they bring, the news nobody else has. I don’t like the papers that are reporting the same news, without a personal or a documented angle. It’s just empty news.

PR companies need to take responsibility. And give the news to the guys who matter the most. That is why ZF (leading Romanian financial newspaper) gets all the big news, because people know and admit the power of that paper.

After all, how hard can it be to find 20 sites that are the top players on your niche and build a relationship with their editors? That is how it used to be done. Now, in the age of email, nobody cares.

I am a blogger with a journalism background. I get press from companies i never reported on. They know who i am and i know who they are. And i never wrote about them. But maybe sometimes…

It’s not hard to build a business relationship these days. Send an email, invite the editor out to a drink, get to know some basic things about him and that is it. I have 5 different gifts on my desk from PR people  i worked. Out of obligation? Out of false pretend? I don’t know. All i know is that they cared enough to send me a gift, even if a i am a blogger.

And in Romania that is a lot.