I’ve been blogging since 2005, when the blogs were few and people were eager to read something outsite the crappy journalist/pr press. The door was open so me and a few others just walked in.

Now that blogs are mainstream, I see a lot of the new bloggers that step up and want to be like me (getting cars for test drive, being invited to conferences and television, getting exclusive news and previews). The problem is that they do not have what it takes to be good bloggers (I am speaking about the ones who want to be probloggers, of course, not the guys who write personal blogs). Most of them do not know how to write proper in romanian, most of them do not know how to report news or events. Those who don’t have such problems, have bigger ones. Like not being able to produce opinions. They translate the idea, add a few more details and that is a blog post. No valid opinion, no added value.

But they want to be important.