Bogdan Gavrila, well known stain on Romanian internet, had a problem a few months ago. While he was the dark force behind the World Blogging Forum, none of the respected bloggers from his native country gave him and WBF any love. Some of them questioned the line up, which was inexistent at the time of the announcement, other asked why the Liberal Party gave the money and to whom, others alerted the authorities for misuse of the official Communication Ministry logo on the site, as such permission was not given (he promptly remove the logo and now denies ever using it).

All water under the bridge. After the WBF ended, Bogdan Gavrila went on the attack. On everyone. As a part of his attack was the assumption that the bloggers that were present (from Romania, as observers, as Romania did not have a representative at WBF, because, again, every respected one refused to participate) were young lions, already hitting hard the old and established bloggers (the ones that turned him down), who were just about to go down.

I had a tear in my eye. Honest. A few days later after his high hopes declaration of war, one of the young bloggers was caught posting on his blog translated news from American sites.

The whole story is here, in Romanian.

Failed again, Mr. Gavrila. I know this will not slow you down, because a person who already lost everything (money, reputation, business, friends and credibility) has no choice but to fight his dirty fight, along his ashamed crew.