So, there is this Romanian guy, Dragos Roua, who talks a lot about success and entrepreneurship and leading a better life. You know the kind, he is not an expert in any field, but he is riding the “write bullshit about being better” blog train that gullible people read and find useful.

Dragos Roua used to be the owner of few sites in Romania:, a car directory site,, cooking site (infamous because Roua threatened competitor sites he will trademark the recipes on the site, without owning them) and a few others nobody remembers. He sold them in 2008 and moved to New Zeeland.

Now he is back in Romania, doing conferences about success and personal development, because nowadays everybody has a success story.

I hate people that talk about a success that does not exist in the real world and I hate the people who call them to conferences, ignoring the fact they are charlatans.