America is debating the healthcare reform just about now. To the best of my knowledge, they do not have any healthcare coverage at all, and they must look into the private sector if the want to be assured. Of course, this is extra.

That is not good.

At the opposite side is Romania. We have coverage for everybody. And i think it’s not fair to benefit from anything if you do not pay taxes. We have 20 million people in Romania, out of which 4 million are paying taxes and 5 million are retired. We also have 0.5 million out of work people. The rest, nobody know. Let’s say other 5 million are supported by the bread earner of the family and other 2 million are children. That means 3 million people are just benefiting the system, without contributing (paying any taxes).

That is not good. That’s the reason Romania has no roads and no progress in any field, because it is too busy paying for the parasites.