Four years ago, Razvan Varabiescu, head of an online agency, contacted me for an advertising campaign on blogs. I chose some of the blogs i thought fit for the job and ran the first advertising campaign on Romanian blogs. After that, i stayed in touch with the other bloggers and started to ran campaigns on our blogs, sometimes on all of them, sometimes only on a few. The result was a blog network we called Blog20.

The reason we continue to run campaigns is the idea we were honest to each other and were open about the fees each blogger was getting. As I was saying on my Romanian blog, rather than be jealous on each other making money, we should try to make money together. And we ran campaigns with other bloggers and promoted other bloggers that are not part of Blog20.

Making money always attracts enemies, in our case, many enemies. And they attack me and my online friends, because we keep them down and scare visitors from their blogs (don’t ask how i do it, it’s a mystery to me, too). Yes. Bad bad Zoso.

What they didn’t get yet and probably will not realize in the near future is that Blog20 does not exist (link1, link2). It’s just an inside joke, there is no headmaster, there is no strategy, there is no team. Each “member” does what he wants, but he will call upon his friends when he needs to run a campaign, because there is nobody else! If there is, he will not hesitate to include other people in the project and nobody cares if they get people outside “the group”!

To sum things up, their attacks are not working because they attack something that does not exist. And Blog20 will continue to make money despite their hate and attacks.