SO, last week I met what seo guys are calling "google bowling". Some guy was upset he showed up first in google for his name with some spamming he did 3 years ago and used xrumer to enter 300.000 links to my blog. Google deleted my front page and the results for both my nick and my name from SERPS. After reported the problem (i don;t think anybody is stupid enough to buy 300.000 links to his site and hope to grow), my site was back in results (thanx to Bogdana and the Webmasters Tools Team) with just one point drop in PageRank

And I noticed a change in google algorithm: I got a lot of pages with PR 1, 2 and even 3, pages with good content, not necessarily linked content, but content people find useful. A lot of pages show now higher in SERPS. Before this i deleted about 1.000 empty posts (with missing youtube clips or images) and worked on my copywriting skills to change about 300 one-word post titles.