In the last few months I’ve read a lot about Search Engine Optimization, being eager of raking my main blog well in Google. Finally I ended up reading CopyBlogger, which is much better.

There are to approaches to SEO:

  1. People optimizing to the death all sorts of aspects to their site, from the links to the tags to the sitemap. This takes a lot of time and people often forget the most important thing: creating content. Because in order for your SEO to work you have to have what to optimize.
  2. Copywriting instead of SEO. This is not a popular technique among onliners in Romania, which basically fight over the same keyphrases with seo tricks, instead of spending a little more time on writing an original title and a good first phrase/meta description. Of course, you need to hire people that are good at it, and they are expensive.

Yoast’s plugin is a good addition to my blog. He is doing the automated part of the content optimizing, while i focus on the creation of original and meaningful content.