Vimeo folks wrote me a nice letter a few days ago, noticing me they have removed a bunch of my videos from my account, videos that were breaking their rules. From 100+ videos, they removed half. I reviewed a few of them and asked myself, and them, how is this video, par example, breaking the rules. It wasn’t, they were too eager to delete videos, without even thinking or viewing the videos.

On the other hand, Google has a favorite phrase when dealing with copyright issues: “we have decided not to take any action, but we encourage you to resolve the issue with the blog owner instead”. I sometimes want to reply with “bitch, if i could resolve the issue with the people stealing my content, you think i would bother you” or “dear imbecile, if they realize they are stealing my content, they would not be stealing it anymore”.

Tumblr are another story. They will sell and disclose user information to third party companies they pay them to, but they will protect their users from someone like me, asking for my content to be removed from their servers. It’s in their TOS.