There are three important things to note in the past few days.

Erich Schmidt from Google saying that by 2020 every human on the planet will be online.

Sure, this is not going to happen, and people cited lack of water or electricity, but he is on to something: it is easier to be online via a feature phone or a smartphone than via PC. And it costs less. A lot less.

Aaron Levie, CEO for, saying Microsoft controls only 50% of the devies people use, compared to 95% a few years ago.

Indeed, Microsoft lost the start and came up with some useless devices (Zune comes to mind), and does not have a valid strategy now for the future.

An article from WSJ saying Microsoft is working on a smartwatch.

Yea, they lost in the past and now it seems they are on high alert. They read Apple and Samsung are working on smartwatches and they started working on one. To do what with? They have a 7% marketshare in smartphones, who will buy their smartwatch?