An update of an article from 2015 about selling and social media.

The people who hate advertising the most are the people who make money from advertising, in some form. They work for a TV station, publisher, media company, adserver company. They usually don’t say where they work, but they hate advertising oh so much. They hate TV stations cause they promote shit, they hate banners on websites and on YouTube.

I told one person to quit his current job, cause advertising pays the bills, but no success. What he does is different than what he hates. We dont know how, but we do know that he convinced himself it is. Another i tryed to convince to buy a subscription to a local newspaper, to give something back, when he complained about too many banners. No luck. “They need to find another business model”. Yes, that is true. Banners or subscriptions, choose one. No, i dont want to pay, they have to find something else and give me the content for free. Do you give your work for free? Does the milkman give the milk for free?