I was looking for how people got to this blog. It doesn’t have many links, so people get here mostly by searching for topics related to me.

There are a few guys (Bogdan Gavrila, or Mihai Moruzov as he likes to call himself, among them) who search for all king of stuff. I mention on a tweet i like a certain person? Quick, let’s search for it! I goofed around saying i am from Giurgiu (even thought i was born and raise in Bucharest, but my grandfathers are from a small village near Rousse, Bulgaria, and they settled in Giurgiu County), quick, let’s search for it, maybe we can find something compromising. 

It’s nice to know they are so desperate that they hang on to every word i say, looking for a meaning. Don’t worry, Bogdan, I have new stuff ready for you.